Colored Coffee Makers to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

The other day I went to buy a colored coffee maker as my wife wanted something else than the usual black and white design which our last machine was.

I looked the shelves and soon discovered that I was left with two options: black and white. I did find one red colored, but I think that was an exception because Christmas was near.

I went online and noticed the same thing. It was hard to find anything else than the usual black/grey/white combination. Nothing wrong with that, but we really wanted something unique.

We did find one eventually. And to save your time,  I put together a list of some of the best coffee makers which definitely bring a great lift-up to your kitchen counter!

Contents: Red Colored, Oasis Colored, Peacock Blue Colored, Platinum Colored, Jade Colored, True Blue Colored, Green Colored, Turquoise Colored, Lime Colored, Yellow Colored, Pink Colored, Plum Grey Colored, Blue Colored, Grape Colored

Keurig K475, Vintage Red Colored

Got this for a birthday gift for somone. They are very happy. Looks gorgeous on the countertop, works like a dream, intuitive, and all around great machine…”

“..We are really having fun with this machine. Family of five and everyone uses it daily. (Wisconsin winters) kids love hot chocolate/cider and we use it for coffee and hot water for tea. Water reservoir holds a good amount of water…”

”…This has so many features! I love it and it makes great coffee. I haven’t received the carafe I ordered separately, so no carafe brewing as of yet! I love the red color and this was a really fantastic price! Highly recommended! It does make some noise when it’s brewing, but it doesn’t bother me in the least…”

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Keurig K250, Oasis Colored

“…Great Coffee Maker. Easy to set up, easy to use. Enjoying experimenting and experiencing different brands of premium coffee…”

“…Love it! Love the look of it and the touch screen. This is my 3rd Keurig and it’s perfect on my desk at work…”

“…This is really nice, compare to the original it’s a big difference. Quiet, coffee tastes better, I like the feature ‘strong’. The size and style is nice and fits better on the kitchen countertop…!

“…I love the color, it’ like a pastel beige, it went perfectly with my kitchen colors..!

“… After seven years my original Kreuig brewer stopped working. I purchased this one as a replacement. It is much lighter and easier to use. It is smaller, giving me more space on my counter top, and it is quieter. Great product!…”

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Keurig K250, Peacock Blue Colored

“…Delivered on time and has been used everyday by multiple people for a couple months now and is still going strong. Brewing is simple and easy with this coffee maker…”

”… I love this coffee maker! The color is beautiful, it was easy to put together & use… and you can buy reusable pods or premade ones. It’s win win!..”

”… Looks great in my beige and white kitchen. Also love the water filter on the new Keurig K250. Coffee tastes much better now!..”

”.. So in love with the color, its way brighter in person. works great – have it on my desk in my office…”

“..Excellent coffee maker. Brews almost instantly. Very satisfied!..”

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Keurig K15, Platinum Colored

“..Great coffee pot to take on trips to hotels for outings or events. So often coffee in hotel is awful and not to ones liking or there is no coffee pot in the room. This is perfect and small enough to travel with. Makes great hot coffee..”

“…I love it. So convenient. I love being able to go and make a quick cup of coffee without having to go through the hassles of a regular coffee maker. I know it’s not that difficult to prepare some coffee in a traditional coffee maker, but this eliminates the tedious tasks. I would recommend…”

”… I had one already however it died after a few years. Just purchased the same machine cause it fits perfectly on my kitchen counter. Nothing fancy, just makes my daily cup(s)..”

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Keurig K15, Jade Colored

“..We loved our Keurig so much that when the original gave up after a few years, we replaced it with exactly the same model. The new colors are vibrant…”

”… Bought it for my mom. Definitely a great buy since my best friend bought me one for my wedding three years ago, and it still works like brand new. Can’t go wrong with this…”

”… This is the perfect size for one person who doesn’t need a full size coffee maker. I can have one cup whenever I want and doesn’t have to mess with coffee grounds…”

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Keurig K15, True Blue Colored

“..Love the size and color. Gave to my husband to take on his business trips and he was very pleased…”

“…Use this product in our RV; pour some water in; put k-cup in; pull handle down; press brew. Simple, quick easy to use and does not take up much space…”

“…This is my fifth Keurig machine like this and I love them. With the wide array of k cups available, I can go almost a month without repeating a flavor. This machine works well and is dependable…”

”.. Appears well made and functions well, nice looking, right home on the countertop ready to make a good cup of coffee..”

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CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker, Green Colored

“…Bought this for my RV it works absolutely awesome.I recommend this product to everyone who mentions they want a one cup machine…”

“…Have had this for several months and like it so much I am now buying one for my desk at work in orange. The best little one cup maker on the market…”

”.. We love this tiny machine! Used it at our beach house and even took it home in case we want to bring it along to other travels. Works great and doesn’t take up much space. And the coffee tastes great! Wait time of a couple minutes to brew each cup doesn’t bother me at all…”

“…Got the coffee machine and I just love it. It’s a very small, efficient coffee machine, and you can have a cup of hot coffee in just a few minutes, your favourite. It’s very light, very easy to use, and I can only say a good machine..”

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Keurig K250, Turquoise Color

“..I love this machine. I had an older model Keurig that I had used for years, but was a little bit bigger than I needed currently.
I upgraded to this model, mainly for its compact size and the ability to be able to use the Carafe with it. The color on this machine is great it matches my kitchen perfectly and was exactly what I expected. This model brews so much quieter than my previous model which is a life saver in the mornings…”

“…I did a lot of research before selecting this product. The best Keurig! Arrived in a timely fashion and well packaged. Extremely easy to set up and use. I like that the model comes with two filters and the descaling solution. The panel display makes the initial setup and daily use very simple…”

“…I really like this machine, more than the larger older version I had previously. It is MUCH quieter. Makes a good cup of coffee and there are a ton of brands of k-cups available…”

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Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine, Lime Colored

“…The nesspresso is a must have for anyone who loves coffee. The slick small design makes it easy to put on a kitchen counter and doesn’t make it look cluttered. Ever since I got this coffee maker I have not had to go to Starbucks to get my coffee fix. I love it! It does make a bit of noise compared to other ones, but honestly how good that coffee comes out it makes up for it!..”

“…The machine takes very little space, works quickly, and produces a frothy, perfect-tasting espresso, just like you’d find at your favourite coffee house.
Delicious at-home espresso!…”

“…This is a great little, simple machine. It comes with a very nice starter pack of cups. Simply pour in the water, insert the cup, pull the handle, and choose your brew size. You can easily program the size of your brew. Be careful though, because if you choose anything more than about 3 or 4 ounces for a Longo brew, it will be turned into a regular coffee Americano. This unit is great for that morning espresso…”

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Moccamaster KBG 741, Yellow Colored

“…We love our new coffee maker or rather, our new coffee brewer. Our coffee has never tasted so good. Easy to put together. Easy to make. Better than having to go through the process of doing a pour over. This company that made this product went down to the science and nailed it. Our favourite appliance in the household now…”

”… After using a Keurig coffee maker for a few years was tired of mediocre coffee. Went back to my old Chemex, but wanted the convenience of an automatic coffee maker. After much research decided on the Moccamaster. I am not disappointed. Expensive, but worth the money if you want great coffee at home….”

“..After researching this brewer for several months I came to the conclusion that it was worth the higher cost and made the purchase. I have been very happy with the quality of the brewer and can hardly believe what a difference brewing at the proper temp makes in the flavor of the coffee…”

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Moccamaster KBG 741, Pink Colored

“…Hot and fast. I use the same beans ground freshly for my coffee everyday. There is considerably more flavors and depth to the final product with this machine than my old Delonghi which I thought I loved until its untimely death. I couldn’t be happier…”

”… Wonderful coffee maker. I researched coffee makers alot and this lives up to it’s hype. So now I know that alot of the bitter, even sour taste of some coffees may come from burning the coffee. This keeps the temperature just right…!

”… If you love great coffee, buy this machine. When I say great coffee, I mean the kind of coffee you would expect and get from your favorite local coffee roaster/café or quality coffee shop (think Starbucks or Peet’s, NOT the tasteless brown water that Dunkin’ Donuts sells)…!

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Keurig K250, Plum Grey Colored

“..We got this for our travel trailer. Fits great on the counter and love all the colors available. It is a little louder and runs a little longer than our old one, but not a big deal…”

“..Firstly, let me just say that I absolutely love this thing. I originally got it because I was tired of brewing full pots of coffee just because I didn’t know if I’d want a second cup or because I decided I wanted more but only brewed enough for a single cup. While this definitely remedied that problem, it actually ended up with me drinking more coffee and tea. Just the ease of using this device has made me want these drinks far more often…”

“..It’s so much superior to older coffee makers. We love ours and the color is so pretty. Be certain to get the correct size cups or you have to trick the machine by taking the foil off of the new pods and using that to cover the outdated pods and trick the machine to brew. The color is gorgeous and it’s touch screen…”

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CHULUX Coffee Maker Machine, Blue

“…I don’t have a full kitchen or deep sink at work, so in order to have an afternoon coffee on the job I needed something special. This little, affordable coffee maker is cute, makes a great cup of coffee and is easy to clean. I love it…”

”… Got the coffee machine and I just love it. It’s a very small, efficient coffee machine, and you can have a cup of hot coffee in just a few minutes, your favorite. It’s very light, very easy to use, and I can only say a good machine..”

“…Great little K-Cup compatible coffee maker. Pour the cup of water in, put the cup under the spout, throw in the K-Cup, close it, and hit the button. Coffee in seconds. I’ve even used some of the reusable coffee filters with this and they work great too. It fits a little tight, but still works great with mine…”

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Moccamaster KBG 741, Grape Colored

“…One word: wonderful. While the type of coffee you use is important, I can say without hesitation that we’ve never had such a rich tasting & full-bodied cup of coffee at home as we’ve had the last few mornings using the Technivorm. ..”

“..Let’s face it, if the coffee maker doesn’t heat the water properly, the coffee isn’t going to be very good. The Moccamaster is pretty bare-bones, no clock, timer, carbon filter, etc. However, it does make an outstanding pot of coffee in about 3.5 minutes. Its very easy to use, and appears to be a high-quality product…”

“…I have used this machine every day for over 5 years. Perfect coffee every time with no issues (save forgetting to open the drip cone). Great with a gold permafilter, too. Worth every penny, when you consider that I had to buy a new machine about once a year before getting this beautiful machine.. Highly recommended…”

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